Convenience Store Construction & Remodeling

We’ve built over 500 convenience stores since our business began and we’re ready to help you get your project started too!

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Fuel Tank Installation & Removal

Let our team take the lead for you on this critical aspect of your job whether remodeling or building a new convenience store. We have developed relationships with the right contacts to help keep your project approval on track.

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Retail, Health Care & Manufacturing Construction

Our experience in construction has helped us develop relationships with customers who need new retail spaces, medical facilities and new manufacturing spaces too.

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Since 1978

Commitment To Quality 

No matter what your project or how large or small, you can count on us to help make your dreams a reality. We’ve developed the skills and team necessary to make sure your project is delivered in a timely manner within the budget you want to spend. Ultimately, our success comes from your success.

Whether you are ready to get started today or you need to plan for starting your project started at a later date, lets talk.  The sooner we can meet to show you our approach to helping you achieve your goals, the sooner we will be ready to begin!  We have been blessed with many companies trusting us to help them build their projects and we want to help you achieve your dreams too.

Are you ready to get started?  Hayes & Sons Construction means you will get a quality job from people you can trust. Thanks for considering us to help you build your dreams.


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